Friday, June 19, 2009

Frugal Friday: kid's activities

Here's a few free or nearly free activities we have done so far this summer- with more on the way. (Also check out my other blog.)

1. Check out a State Park or National Park- we happen to live right next to a National Park.
2. Go berry picking- fun for the kids to see where fruit comes from beside the grocery store.
3. Find a friend with a pool- bring your own lunch and snacks.
4. Arrange for a tour of your local fire station- they are happy to oblige.
5. Visit a farm- we are going to visit a local farm next week.
6. Have a picnic lunch on the front lawn.

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1 comment:

milbos said...

My kids are pased that age of doing stuff with me now and i must confess I am enjoying the time I get with my hubby, but, your post does remind me of good times with the kids when they were little and we were still in the UK! Ah happy memories!!