Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WFMW: Control garden pests and weeds

Here's some natural garden tips- Works For Me Wednesday edition:

To control weeds in sidewalk or driveway cracks without spray chemicals like Round-Up, use white vinegar full-strength in a spray bottle. Spray liberally on weeds like dandelions. Also salt water works well. Add one cup table salt to one pint of tap water, heat in a pan on the stove to dissolve. Cool and also use in a spray bottle to kill weeds. To keep aphids and garden bugs at bay- make a weak solution of dish detergent in water- you can use a spray bottle or even an empty dish soap bottle to apply to your tomato plants, etc. Sprinkle Borax around the outside of your house to keep ants away. To kill an ant colony- douse it with boiling water. Finally, keep deer and rabbits away from your vegetable garden with human hair. Just scatter some hair clipping on top of your soil or mulch.

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm..... think it's time to shave my boys down!! i've never heard that hair deters deer. but i'm willing to try it to keep just a few of my blueberries for our family!!! Thanks for the tip!!

downhomelivin at live dot com

Jenny86753oh9 said...

I hadn't heard that about the Borax. I definitely need something this year...the ants are a nightmare!

Thanks for the tip!