Monday, May 18, 2009

Easy Meal- Crock Pot Country Ribs

My favorite easy meal to make is Crock Pot BBQ Country Ribs. I buy small packages of boneless pork loin ribs whenever I see them on price reduction- they are often very inexpensive- and throw them in the freezer until I have a few pounds of meat. You can brown the meat first in the oven- but I usually just throw it in the crock pot on low with one bottle of BBQ sauce. (All that Kraft BBQ sauce comes in handy!) Cook all day on low (about 6-8 hrs). I find it gets very watery- so I remove some of the liquid and add more BBQ sauce near the end. I serve with mashed potatoes and green beans- but mac-n-cheese would be good too. The best part is the leftover meat. Pull it apart with two forks, add more BBQ sauce and have some pulled pork sandwiches the next day- yum!

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