Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WFMW- I no longer clip coupons

What?!? Yes, I no longer cut out coupons. I found it takes too much time to do it ahead of time. What I do instead is keep a folder with each weeks newspaper inserts. I label the front of each insert like this "SS 4/5" or "RP 4/5" with a black Sharpie. That way when I am hunting for a coupon it's easier to find. I also remove any pages that have no coupons or are just ads. I keep a bag in my my car with all my coupon folders and periodically throw out the expired ones. I find with multiple sets of inserts, it's just too time consuming to cut the coupons out.

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Amy Platon said...

Great advice, I've heard that is a time saver. But can you help me with the coupon anxiety dreams? haha. read here: