Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WFMW- Backwards Edition!

Check out Works For Me Wednesday- Backwards Edition over at We Are THAT Family!
Here's my dilema of the week- how do you keep dust bunnies- especially pet hair- under control? Also cat hair on furniture. And cat hair on chair legs, and the back of couches, and clothes, and I could go on and on! Thanks!


Ter said...

that's an ongoing problem here too!

Anonymous said...

We have two dogs, and one is a husky, so I am all too firmiliar with the tumble-fur. We have a few things that minimize the problem.
1. buy a "furminator" grooming tool from e-bay and use it regularly. It totally works!
2. we go to self grooming places that have the high power blowers and follow with furminator
3. use an electric broom on all the hardwoods / tile 2 times a week and the dustbuster for quick in betweens
4. furniture - we have a leather couch and one with a removable & washable suedecloth slipcover.
5. keep them in a kennel durring the day and wipe paws everytime they come inside.
6. develop fur-blinders and rarely wear black pants!!!

Jan said...

Ha! Tumble-Fur I like that!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Yep! Same thing here, two large indoor spoiled and pampered labradors that shed a blue streak!

On couches - we try to keep them off by providing their own comfy doggie beds. (with removable washable covers) But occasionally they are allowed up:)

Also, we have one leather chair that they are allowed up in. It's older and easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.

We should invest in the roller style adhesive pet remover! We have one in every drawer in the house. They are relatively inexpensive and work really well.

Resign yourself to vacuum and sweep frequently. It's about all you can do to keep the hair at bay.

Since they are allowed to sleep on the kids beds at night, everything (quilts and all) have to be washable and able to go into the washer and dryer. Using extra dryer softener sheets really gets all the remaining hair off in the dryer.

One more trick - put on a rubber glove (like playtex in the kitchen grocery section) and run your hand briskly over furniture, pillows etc. The static electricity created gathers the hair up so you can remove it.

Love those puppies - but they ARE time consuming!

Jan said...

I do have cats not dogs and their fur is so fine- it's hard to pick up. I like the rubber glove idea!