Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Photo Videos at Animoto

Sign up to create and view free 30-second photo videos set to music at Animoto- "the end of the slideshow". This site is totally addicting. You take 12-15 photos and choose a soundtrack song and Animoto creates a unique video every time. You can make unlimited 30-second short videos or you can purchase full-length 60-second videos for $3 each or buy an unlimited all-access pass for $30.

If you sign up at Animoto right now and use the code bieogjka you can take $5 off an all-access pass. When you go to Animoto to sign up- just use the code "bieogjka" in the referral code box. Get ready to start creating!

1 comment:

andrew@animoto.com said...

Hey Jan, thanks for the animoto shout out! I love Braeburn apples; wish I could find a deal like that where I live.