Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Acme fuel rewards program

I would really like to support Acme since it is a local company- but I can't get over the Giant Eagle Fuel Perks- maybe until now. Acme is testing a fuel rewards program with Circle K at its Parma location. Don't know when the program will be rolled out to all stores. Read the story here from the Plain Dealer.


grammpaula said...

There is really no comparison to Giant Eagle's fuel perks. At GE you can get the perks on everything you buy. At Acme you can only get the perks if you buy certain things. It's a nice try on Acme's part, but GE's plan is so much better. Acme's had such bad sale ads lately. Most of the ads are store brand items. Of course it sound like the perks points are going to be on store brand items also. You can't use coupons on store brands so another reason to still shop GE.

Jan said...

I agree- thanks for the comments.