Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CVS Deal of the week

I went to CVS in a snowstorm armed with some Cottonelle coupons from their website.  When I scanned my CVS card at the kiosk I got 2 more Cottonelle coupons- you can stack CVS coupons with manufacturer coupons.

I bought 2 each 18-pk Cottonelle toilet paper @ $10 each, 2 tubs each Cottonelle wipes @ $2 each, 1 pk Cottonelle wipes refill @ $2 each, and 1 pk Kotex-U liners @ $1.49 each= $27.49 (before tax).

I had 3 each $0.50 off Cottonelle coupons for the toilet paper and wipes and 1 CVS coupon for $3 off Cottonelle and 1 CVS coupon for a free tub of wipes when I bought 1 pk of Kotex-U.  I also had $10 ECB from a previous transaction and a $5 off CVS coupon for completing a CVS survey online.  My total after coupon was $6.06 (with tax).  I got $10 more ECB back.

I also got a coupon for 10% off all Beauty purchases for joining the CVS Beauty Club.

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