Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WFMW- Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Money is still tight with everyone this year so I was trying to think of some inexpensive but nice teacher gifts.  First of all, I have some teacher friends and they all say- no coffee mugs or apple-themed items please!  They get a lot of those.  Most teachers would really appreciate a handwritten note from your child more than anything.  Homemade ornaments or crafts are nice too.  In my opinion a gift card, even in a small amount like $5, makes a really great gift.  You can pair it with a candy bar or mints or gum.  I usually save some $5 Target gift cards throughout the year to use as gifts.  There was also an iTunes promotion on $10 gift cards a few weeks back.  In addition to her regular teacher, my daughter also has some other helpers, bus drivers, etc.  I usually give them candy or mints.  You can usually find stuff on sale around Halloween time- just don't get Trick-or-Treat packaging!  Different color M&M's look really cute in a plain jar with a bow.  A really easy treat to make is pretzel-kisses-melts.  Just put one layer of mini pretzels twists on a cookie sheet and top with one Hershey's Kiss (any flavor).  Melt in the oven on 250 for a few minutes until soft (watch closely).  Immediately top with one M&M- I use red and green.  Cool and store in a Ziploc bag or other container. Very yummy salty and chocolate snack!

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Lecia said...

My sister is a teacher, and she said one of the best gifts she got were homemade magnets made from bottle caps. Another inexpensive and fabulous idea!

leanne said...

These look yummy! I agree with the no mugs or apple-themed items:)