Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marc's Markdowns

I tend to stay away from Marc's because I feel like I go in there for one thing, and then spend $25 on a bunch of closeouts that I don't really need. Today I went in specifically to look for markdowns on produce and there it was: the $1 bag of produce shelf. At my store it's over by the pharmacy. Kind of an odd assortment of stuff but each bag is priced at only $1. A whole bag of navel oranges, a large bunch of green bananas, 3 large bell peppers- green, orange and yellow, clumps of vine tomatoes, and 3 lovely perfectly ripe avocados. I bought the avocados and a buck later I had a yummy bowl of guacamole!


Mom2fur said...

Oh, my gosh, you were so lucky! Just those avocadoes alone would cost about $5 or $6 here!

Vanessa said...

Great, now I want guac. What a find!