Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Low Priced Food Options

Here are two low-priced food ministries. They are similar- but Angel Food has a lot more host locations. Basically for $30 you get about $60 to $80 of "Aldi" type food.

Angel Food Ministries Angel Food is available in a quantity that can fit into a medium-sized box at $30 per unit. Each month's menu is different than the previous month and consists of both fresh and frozen items with an average retail value of approximately $60. Comparison shopping has been done across the country in various communities using a wide range of retail grocery stores and has resulted in the same food items costing from between $42 and $78. There are no qualifications, minimums, income restrictions, or applications.

Great Food For All The "Basic Food Box" anchors the program and is loaded with enough food to assist feeding a family of four for about a week, or a single person for almost a month! This food box, with a retail value of between $60 - $80 is provided for only $30. The menu changes each month in order to provide a variety of food. NO membership fees, NO paperwork, NO hassles, NO purchase limits, NO end to savings, just a Great Deal and ... GREAT FOOD FOR ALL!

I have done Angel Food but not Great Food For All. The basic $30 box of food (bring your own box) is quite a lot- I can stretch it most of the month. Check the website for host locations. You have to place your order about a month ahead.

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