Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giant Eagle week 11/13-11/19

I got my Giant Eagle ad WAY early this week! Stock up now for Thanksgiving dinner!

GE Frozen Turkeys $0.69/lb
Giant Eagle Butter 4/$8
Del Monte Canned Vegetable 20/$15
Cool Whip 10/$10
Coke/Diet Coke 12pk 4/$11
Folgers Coffee $5.99
Ocean Spray Cranberry sauce 10/$10
Green Giant Box vegetable 10/$10
Bruce's Yams 2/$4
GE canned gravy 10/$10
Dole Canned Pineapple 10/$10
Campbell's Cream soup 4/$3
GE pie filling 2/$4
Daisy Sour cream 2/$3
Minute Maid OJ 4/$10
General Mills cereal 4/$8
Del Monte canned fruit 4/$5
Wishbone Salad dressing 2/$4
GE pasta or noodles 10/$10
Farmer's Market 10lb potatoes BOGO
Sweet Yams $0.59/lb
Farmer's Market Spinach 2/$4

1 comment:

Melody said...

Hi, I was wondering where your GE is located. I am in Cleveland and our GE .87 a pound for turkey. We are planning getting a bunch of these and give them.