Thursday, October 23, 2008

Giant Eagle week 10/23-10/29

Deals this week for Giant Eagle (NE Ohio)

First of all- good news- they have extended the $0.15/gal fuel perks a little longer! Other than that I think the deals are a little sketchy this week- I bought very little.

Roasting chickens BOGO
Capri Sun 5/$10
GE brand pretzels $1.89
Duncan Hines cake mix 10/$10
Duncan Hines frosting 2/$3
A&W/7Up 12 pks 3/$10
Motts applesauce 5/$10
Motts apple juice 4/$10
GE brand OJ $3.49/gal
Libby's canned veggies 10/$8
Kraft easy mac 10/$10
Campbell's fat free cream soups 10/$10
Jose Ole burritos 10/$10
Stove Top stuffing 8/$10
GE brand frozen fries 4/$10
Idahoan potatoes mix 10/$10
Bryers yogurt 20/$10
Activia yogurt 2/$4
Brown n serve sausage 3/$3.99

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